Saturday, December 26, 2009

Art & the Modern Preschooler

a word on policy by an alumnus of this particular preschool
this hangs in the school's lobby

Ok, this post may be a tad self-involved, but I have a post scheduled in the very near future which highlights an event at, shall we say, a preschool at which my child does not attend. This is something of a pre-emptive strike at equal time.

There are many fine preschools in the City of Philadelphia and beyond. Many of them are arts-based. I love the one my child attends.

Some parents hang kids art on the fridge. Others do this sort of thing.

The above art, by a wonderful young artist and fellow student at my child's preschool, was floated and then has a raised top mat which was fitted into Ikea RMs (ready-mades). Economical and chic!

And this art, by my own dear 3-year-old, was floated and put into an RM metal shadowbox.

And this may be a little overthetop for normal people. But it is an original portrait, and a surprising likeness. And also a holiday gift for a framer's husband. : )

Check out the Bolshoi RM. (!!!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Exotic Jewels

A client recently asked me, "What types of items do you most like to frame?"

My answer: "Items I don't have to glue."

I will avoid using adhesives if possible, though there are about a zillion situations where it is required. In all of those situations, I use the most archival and least damaging adhesive available to me.

All of the following items are mounted using adhesive-free techniques. And they all happen to be fabulous jewelry.

These are pieces of jewelry from Jordan, possibly antique.

Another client brought in this is a set of bracelet weapons from Kenya.

And the same client brought in the above necklace set, also from Kenya, a gift from a Maasi with whom she studied.

And coincidently, a third client brought in this Maasi necklace a scant few days later.

I poked very small holes in key places through the mats, and then used a very fine jewelry wire to mount the items. Almost completely invisible and the item can be easily removed from framing package if ever necessary.

And FYI, my least favorite items to frame are dried flowers and taxidermy.