Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Straight & Butch

July is Butch Month!

When last Butch Cordora was featured on this blog, he was just bringing his awesome Straight & Butch calendar to the art world.

  Straight and Butch

The project puts the nude figures of straight men and Butch himself in iconic poses, and challenges about a dozen social mores.  Butch is the visionary, the prop, and the director of these shots.  He casts the photographers as well as the straight models.

Butch pretty much instantly became my client-BFF.  He's met my husband, I've been in his home, but most importantly,  I put him in touch with dear friend and photo savant,  RA Friedman, principal photographer of Tsirkus Fotografika, and the subject of my very first blog post ever. 

The shot below, as the others I've framed for Butch, is framed in classic gallery style:  white mat, 3" exposure top and sides, 4" bottom, and matte black frame.  The photographer of this one:  RA Friedman!

A triumph in collaboration!  I can easily see the sensibilities of both artists represented here to fantastic effect.  The shot is an homage to (and a very clever interpretation of) the famous Annie Liebovitz photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno pictured below.

The homage and many other Straight & Butch photos will be displayed at the Ven & Vaida Gallery beginning July 2nd.

And I am proud to announce that Straight & Butch the documentary (a making-of the calendar story) will make it's debut at Qfest, Philly's GLBT film festival on Wednesday, July 14th!  (Get your tickets now, there's very limited seating!)  I am honored to have been part of the final focus group to view this film, just prior to it going to print, and I can tell you that it is poignant, interesting, and really freaking funny.  I urge everyone to see it, it's really that good.

And be sure to attend the after-party at Ven & Vaida Gallery after the screening!

Right back atcha, Butch!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet the Langdons

I am pleased to present to you my frame on a Langdon photograph (with a pretty terrific subject within ;).  Steve and Sara Langdon are wildly talented local photographers and just so darned nice!  Who among us can forget the time Steve trudged on foot across town in a blizzard to shoot a wedding that the couple's originally scheduled photographer could not?  (The following images are grabbed from the Langdon's blog.  Please visit.)

The duo is not limited to weddings, they shoot a variety of events and subjects.  Recently they shot some great stuff at a unique art installation/parade, Wherever There is Water.

But they have a very special way with children as evidenced in the framed image reposted below.

It is framed in an elegantly playful Aegean frame--the whole line is great and available in six interesting colors and two widths.  There's a unusually narrow 8-ply white mat  (a basic rule of thumb is that the mat exposure should be wider than the face of the frame, but here I've thrown that rule out the window), and museum glass.