Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Collage Walls

Design Trend, Part I

Over the past decade or so, the trend for the display of family photos has changed from collage frames (large frames with multi-opening mats) to collage walls (lots of small frames arranged in a group).  Here are some that I've happened upon quite accidently.

A friend snapped this at Brown Betty Dessert Boutique. The frames and mats are unified by color, but are varied styles and shapes.

And this one at the bosses' house has an eclectic mix.

This one, at Capogiro Gelateria has family photos transferred to canvas and put into vintage frames.

I spotted this one on a tour of neighborhood homes and the nice homeowner allowed me to snap this.  The display is multi-dimensional!  Special brackets mounted to the wall allow some frames to jut out.

This was in another home and another nice person allowed me to photograph (Oh, people must think I'm nuts--but I'm glad it didn't stop them from being so darned agreeable!).  I have never seen step frames before!  These were purchased ready-made.

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  1. Step frames !!! WHAT ? this is INSANELY BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!